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French Scientist was Recruited as an Adjunct Professor of IAR/CAAS




On August 12th 2015, Wang Jiaqi, the director of IAR/CAAS has granted the employment letter to French scientist Prof. Bernard Vaissière as the adjunct professor. Then, Prof. Bernard Vaissière gave a seminar on “Pollination and Bee Ecology for Improved and Sustainable Food Production”.

It was the fourth time to visitChinasince Prof.  Bernard Vaissière cooperated with IAR/CAAS,ChinaandFrancehas collaborated successfully in making research progress on programs such as “Pollination efficiency evaluation of different bee population in Peach greenhouse”.

In 2015, Prof. Vaissière has been working in China for 22 days to investigate the oilseed pollinated insects’ diversity in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and obtained the preliminary results of the influence to the oilseed quality and yield. In the following 5 years, Prof. Vaissière and IAR/CAAS will continue to cooperate in studying importance assessment of pollination to agriculture, Pollination mechanism and regulation establishment of pollination management.

Prof. Vaissière was born inFrancein December of 1956. He got his PhD degree in entomology from Texas A&M University ofUnited Statesand is now working as the chief scientist in Bee and environmental research center of The French agriculture sciences. He is also served as the the French government science and technology consultant and FAO senior technology consultant. Prof. Vaissière and his team have published over 100 scientific papers on the agricultural pollination ecology, specifically in pollinated insect diversity investigation, pollination efficiency assessment, pollination mechanism and the benefits of pollination to agriculture.