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Institute of Apicultural Research (IAR), Chinese Academy of Agricultural  Sciences (CAAS) was established in 1958. It is a national and the worldwide largest research institute specialized in apicultural science.

Research Goals

As the national research institute on apiculture, IAR/CAAS carries the responsibility to develop the modern apicultural science and technology, to improve the economic and social benefits of apiculture, to convert technological achievements, to educate junior research talents etc. Focusing on the fundamental theories and at the same time promoting technology, the institute leads the apicultural scientific research in China, and strives to be a world-class research institution.    

Research Team

Currently, IAR/CAAS has 112 employees, including 28 professors and 32 associate professors. Among the researchers, 57 of them have PhD degree and 24 people are masters. At present, the institute has 7 innovation teams, which are conducting research on Pollinating Bee Biology and Pollination Application, Bee Resources and Genetic Breeding, Apicultural Entomology and Pest Control, Bee Products Processing and Function Evaluation, Bee Products Quality and Risk Assessment; Honeybee Proteomics and Identification and control of the origin of honey powder source plants . Currently, there are 14 PhD supervisors and 32 Master supervisors. IAR/CAAS has the authority of conferring Master and PhD degrees in Special Economic Animal Breeding, Food Science, Crop Products Quality and Food Safety, Agricultural Economics and Management, Plant Pathology, Crop Products Processing and Safety.

Research Platform

IAR has backup facilities at National or Ministerial level to support its scientific research, such as the National Genebank, Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs for Pollinating Insect Biology, Key Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAAS) Pollinating Insect Biology, Bee Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Beijing) of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Apicultural Industry Technology Research and Development Center, Laboratory of Quality & Safety Risk Assessment for Bee Products (Beijing) of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National R&D Center for Bee Product Processing and National Center for Bee Germplasm Preservation. These laboratories and research platforms are equipped with superior facilities including Gas Chromatograph, Polymerase Chain Reaction Machine, Ultra Cold Storage Freezer, Electrophoresis Apparatus, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Isotacho-electrophoresis Apparatus, Freezer Dryer ect.

The institute has established collaborative relationship with more than ten academic organizations, including Zhejiang University, Yunnan Agricultural University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Jiangxi Agricultural University, Shandong Agricultural University in apicultural science. In addition, the institute has attached great importance to the international cooperation, by sending researchers abroad to conduct the joint project, by attending the international conference, by inviting foreign experts to lecture and work ect.

Awards and Achievements

Recent years, IAR/CAAS has hosted and undertaken several national major research programs including Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), National Sci-tech Support Program, “863” program and “948” program. During the past years, IAR/CAAS has gained 104 scientific research achievements, of which, 80 have been awarded prizes, including 6 national prizes, 39 provincial and ministerial prizes. The institute has published 210 scientific books and has received 302 granted patents including 133 national invention patents.

Societies and Journals

Beijing Apicultural T&D Company Limited and Beijing Agricultural Apiculture Industry T&D Center are affiliated to the institute. The institute editorial office is affiliated to the Apicultural Economy and Information Center and it publishes the monthly academic journal <Apiculture of China>. Apicultural Science Association of China is also attached to the IAR/CAAS.