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Apicultural Science Association of China (ASAC)


      Apicultural Science Association of China (ASAC) was established in June, 1979 in Beijing. It is a first class national organization with academic authority and nationwide recognition. It is also a non-profit organization (NPO) approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People&39;s Republic of China and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People&39;s Republic of China, and has independent corporate capacity covering various fields of apiculture such as beekeeping, bee products production, training, education, management and so on.
      The main purposes of ASAC is to strengthen the communication between the government and the apiculture industry, to popularize scientific knowledge in honeybee industry, to increase apiculture production, bee product processing and circulating, to promote the communication of the scientific and technological achievement, experience and market information in the bee industry, to promote international exchange and co-operation, and to prosper Chinese apiculture industry.
ASAC has more than 1380 individual members (including 150 senior technical-titled scientists). It also has more than 300 group members. The executive council members and the board of directors of ASAC come from main apiculture provinces of China.
      ASAC is the full member and also the executive member of APIMONDIA (International Federation of Beekeepers&39; Associations). It is also a delegate and vice-president of AAA (Asian Apicultural Association).
Scope of businesses: nationwide academic exchange, business training, exhibition, publication editing, business consulting, industry coordinating and management, international exchange and cooperation in apiculture. Newly-added businesses: technical guidance and licensing in apiculture; product package design; construction of bases of” leading enterprise and beekeepers”; technical training in bee products safety and standardized production( including standardization of drug use); bee pollination base construction and technical training; nationwide bee species coordinating and guide; guidance of bee medicine usage; introduction of international businesses.
Commissions of ASAC: Beekeeping management Committee; Bee protection Committee; Apitherapy specialized committee; Bee breeding committee; Bee products processing committee; Apiculture economy committee; Nectar source and pollination Committee; Bee biology committee; Apis cerana coordinating council; Apiculture machinery and equipment committee; Apiculture standardization research committee; Department of cross-strait apiculture exchange; Propaganda department of bee culture.
Registration and Management agency: Ministry of Civil Administration of P.R.China
Administrative Regulation Authority: Ministry of Agriculture of P.R.China
Permanent Organization: Administrative Office of ASAC
Address: Xiangshan Beijing, China
Postcode: 100093
Tel: +86-10-62595719
Fax: +86-10-62591620